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Meet Leigh Ann

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Hi Guys!

I’m Leigh Ann, you can call me LA if you want.  It makes me feel cooler to go by letters.  Don’t you think? Aren’t you intrigued?

So ya, I’m a professional photographer who once traveled from venue to venue creating images for those dark and twisty musicians we all love so much, you know Robyn, Snow Patrol, Ben Kweller and many more.

Now that I’ve got a little human of my own, not only has travelling around with a backstage pass around my neck gotten a little less exciting, I’ve also fallen in love with the idea of the family story.   I love the fact that these images will tell the “remember when’s” of your life.

The remember when’s of my life took place first in Seattle Washington, probably shaping me to love music the way I do.  However I’ve spent the last 10+ years of my life living it up with my small yet fierce family in Durham, North Carolina.

I’m a wife. A mom.  A music junkie. I’m a horrible dancer. A Master Builder (says my son) An unlikely long distance runner. I’m a great cook but a lousy housekeeper.  My office is a mess, but I operate well in chaos.  I don’t do windows but I find laundry oddly satisfying. Our family’s favourite activity is a night at the Drive In, in PJ’s and of course way too much popcorn. I love who I am and I love what I do. Really, what could be better? My job is to bring out the inner rockstar in all of us, and to me, that’s awesome.

I would love to meet your family.  To show you your remember when’s.