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All The Things

Here’s where I tell you about all of the things.

All of the super unique, artistic out of the box things we can create together.  The things we can use to tell the story of who your family is right this second.  For me it’s not enough just to take great images.  That’s only half of the gig. The other half is working with you to create something that will blow your mind and have you crush on it every time you pass it by in your house.

That thing you crush on so hard might be a hand torn print on cotton paper mounted in a floating frame, a custom designed super fun coffee table book that you flip through in the mornings after your kids head off to school, or a custom made treasure chest, holding your most precious belongings.  Whatever medium we use, we will put all our energy into tell your story, and leaving behind evidence of your love for each other.

I can’t wait to see what your story looks like.