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This is the part where you have SOO MANY QUESTIONS!

Unless you are a seasoned photography junkie you probably have a lot of unknowns in this process.  How does it work? What should you wear? Digitals vs Prints vs oh man what’s this canvas business.  No, worries.  I’m here to help you out.

Check out the most Frequently Asked Questions and if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for then shoot me an email!

What is this lifestyle photography business all about?

I know, I know, it all sounds a little pretentious doesn’t it.  I’m a documentary and lifestyle photographer.  Which basically means that I document your for real life.  Or at least your best version of your real life. I make images that show off who you really are, doing what you really do.  Quirks and all. While we may play games that arent your usual, you wont be posed out in a field with a random old truck, looking off into the sunset. I mean, unless that’s what your family does on a Wednesday evening.

A Day In the Life Photos? What if I just need one or two images, can I just do that instead? 

Nope. That’s not my jam. I’m all for the story, all about the big picture.  One or two images makes my heart feel all sad and broken. Don’t your memories seem more important than just one or two images.

Okay, we’ve made photo magic, now how long until I get my stuff?

2-3 weeks after your session, we’ll have a scheduled ordering appointment where you get to see the images, and I’ll help you decide which pieces of the art we created together you just can’t live without. Your artwork (framed prints, albums) should be ready for pick up about 3ish  weeks after your ordering session, but a few products take longer to handcraft by my army of happy elves.

Are digital files included?

No. Your session fee does not include any digital files, prints, or products. Each purchased print comes with a low resolution watermarked image for sharing on facebook & social media.

Do you sell digital files? I dont want prints.

I sure do offer digital files, but they are more expensive than purchasing physical artwork. When you purchase your album plus a wall art collection, you receive the digital files as a bonus for free. But if you only want digital files to share online, then I’m not the person for you. I believe that your images deserve to live their lives as more than pixels and your children and their children deserve to the opportunity to see your family story.

Can I share photos on Facebook?

Yes. Each ordered print comes with a branded image for you to brag to your friends about on Facebook, Instagram even Snapchat if you’re into that sort of thing.

Can I print the Facebook pictures?

Nope. I mean, technically, I cant stop you from printing them at home, but they are low resolution and watermarked. If you want printed artwork, you need to order it through me.

Do I have to come to the ordering appointment? I’d rather just pick out my photos online and not have to deal with another appointment.

Yep. I totally get it.  SO MUCH TO DO! I know I’m in the same boat as you.  Its so much easier to just scroll through images at 2 am, in your PJs, and click and pay. But it can also be overwhelming to make your image choices and know exactly how you want to use and display the images.  This, however, is exactly what I do.  It’s my secret super power if you will.  Let me help you! We’ll spend about 60-90 minutes going through the images, deciding how you want to display them, where they will be displayed, what sizes, and which products you’ll use to show off your awesome. (framed giclee art prints or acrylic wall art?). You’ll leave the ordering appointment with everything decided and done, so all you’ll have to do when your artwork arrives is put hooks on your walls and clear a spot on your coffee table for your gorgeous book. Much better than getting a flash drive that sits in a drawer because you’re unsure exactly what you want.

I’m not sure what to order so can I have more time to decide?

Here’s the thing, if I give you unlimited time you will never pull the trigger.  It’s why I require ordering appointments, so I can be your magical helper. Prior to your appointment, I’ll help you start the process of figuring out the best places in your home to display artwork and what type of products fit your life and killer awesome style. If during your ordering session you still cannot decide, you can schedule an additional ordering appointment for an added cost.

I want them all, but cant afford them all right now. what should I do?

During your ordering session, I can help you optimize your budget. If youre eyes are still bigger than your budget, I also offer a payment plan.

Will you ship my prints to me?

The finished artwork is sort of lame to ship, its expensive. I think you’d rather pick it up and use that extra money for coffee and donuts. However, if I’m wrong and you hate having a large donut budget you can by all means spend that cash on shipping fees..

I dont want frames (or want to handle my own framing). Can I order loose prints?

Yes. Prints are giclee art prints on gorgeous hand torn papers, and should be framed with a floating mount (not just slapped into a craft store frame).

If I love you so much and want to hug you is that okay? 

Heck, yeah! I love a good snuggle!