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Kids are photographed more now than ever these days, but the story of the whole family is lost. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a thing for the camera, but Mom (or dad) is left out as they photograph the awesomeness that goes down on a daily basis.  Your families story is always incomplete.

When I look at photos of my family, now and from growing up, its not the posed family portraits that holds my attention. Those images are nice, it’s fun to see what we all looked like, that horrible haircut,  the brown velour tracksuit I once rocked.  OY!  Despite those bits of beauty,  what really gets my attention, and fascinates my own son, are the photos of my normal life. Photos of me with my mother doing normal things. The most meaningful are the photos of me and my brothers playing, or having fun, laughing, in our family home where all our best memories were made. Photos with my parents roasting marshmallows, or on the beach. Its these photos of my own family that tell the real story of who we are, and how much we love each other.

I want my images of your family to be real and natural.  I want you to have a book that tells the story of your family right now, who you are, how you love each other, and the fun you have. I want it to reflect you, and have true meaning. I find that the best way to do that, is to have a meaningful time together. So while I will spend 10 minutes taking a family portrait and individual portraits, the rest of our time is creating a fun playdate for you and your family that I document. You’ll end up with a gorgeous custom album that highlights your love, laughter, quirkiness, and real selves.

So how does this work?

Call Me! Or if you hate the phone hit me up on that contact form up there. I’ll call you back because I don’t hate the phone and we will chat about your family.  You’ll tell me what you love about them and what little things they do that makes you crazy but you’re sort of secretly glad they do it anyways. Basically you’ll humble brag about what makes your family so awesome.

We’ll schedule your session, pick an awesome, important to you spot and we’ll decide on an activity or two to do. Then I’ll send you some info about how to prepare for your session (clue: prepare for fun!).

Your session will take place for a full morning or afternoon. Better to think of it not as a photo session, but more of a play-date with your own family.

After we have a fun time together, I’ll get to work on your images. We’ll schedule a meeting 2 weeks after your playdate, um, I mean photo session, to choose the images for your album or treasure box, and decide on any other prints and artwork. Shazaam! Your order will be ready for pick up about 3-4 weeks, depending on products.

Prepare to have your mind blown! I can NOT wait!